Monday, November 16, 2009

Poutine Chronicles: Florida Edition

Richard and I just got back from a week in Florida. Before leaving I googled "Poutine in South Florida" and came up with the Dairy Belle in Dania Beach, just south of Ft. Lauderdale. (Note: It's closed on Mondays so don't be disappointed like we were. All we could do was take photos of the signs!)

They have tons of stuff from back home. Poutine as well as steamed hot dogs. Under the poutine listings they have "Galvaude" which I later found out was poutine with chicken and peas.

For the uninitiated, they explain exactly what poutine is in all it's yummy goodness. (Click to enlarge.)

So we headed back to the Dairy Belle the next night. We just couldn't pass this one up. Isn't this place cute?

Richard and I split a large poutine and here it is.

Mid-November at 7 p.m. and eating poutine outside in 83F temperature. Heaven or what?
Rating: 5 curds out of a possible 5. How could I give it anything less?


Knatolee said...

Fine detective work, Ronna, finding poutine in Florida! Lucky you, going somewhere warm and tropical for a week!

Why Oxbow? said...

It looks DEEEE-Lish!
We could use a Dairy Belle here in Stumptown!

How was their French?

Ronna said...

Since they were from Victoriaville, QC originally, they were vraiement billingue! Richard had a short conversation in French with the charming gal who owned the shop...and when your food was ready and the number was called for pickup, sometimes it was called en fran├žais!

anne said...

As I write this, I have Poutine gravy dribbling down my chin and I just ate 2 perfectly steamed hot-dogs! This place is perfect for when I'm "jonesing" for a little taste of home. I also enjoyed doing a little "Parlez-vous" with my Peeps! Thank you Ronna!!!


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