Friday, August 14, 2009

Aux Gourmandises d'Hudson

Yesterday's visit to Hudson, QC wouldn't have been complete without a visit to their local French bakery.

I love these little mouse pastries which look like cannoli with ears and tails.

This mocha cake looks good and creamy.

Yum! Lemon tarts are my favourite.

Elegant apple tarts, les tartes aux pommes.

Tarts filled with marzipan stuff kinda like almond croissants I think.

I love the sculptural quality of these walnut tarts.

This was a neat idea I had never seen before. Fresh strawberries sitting in eclairs.

Okay, are these smiling, mini-cheesecakes too cute?

Since none of the pastries had names or descriptions, I don't know what these were. Any guesses?

Here's a self-portrait of the stealth photographer. It's kind of a double exposure of me with the two reflections. Very odd.


Sharon said...

Geez, Ronna, I just started a strict diet and there isn't a pastry that I would turn away from in this post. Boy, could I go for a cawfee and a little mouse (for starters).

goldenbird said...

Oh, yum, between this post and the one on paris breakfast I am really craving a creamy, chocolate, pastry.

Knatolee said...

These all look so yummy but my favs are the mice!

Why Oxbow? said...

OK, 2nd picture. Did you notice that the one in the middle looks like George W. Bush? Glad to know he's not in our country any longer!


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