Friday, July 17, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

After picking berries at the strawberry place, I noticed a wagon full of coloured, wooden baskets and more stacked up behind the wagon, likely waiting for the professional pickers to use later on in the day.

Coming home from the strawberry fields, I inadvertently put a basket of berries on the roof of Richard's car (to get another basket out of the back seat) and noted the colour similarity. An artful day, eh?


Vicki said...


Sandra Willard said...

What a great photo and how delicious they look! It reminds me of the wonderful fruits I used to savour in the Okanagan. Not to mention going raspberry picking in Ontario as a child! Yum!!

Dark Toaster said...

Hey I read along the way that you wanted to know who reads your blog! I do! My name is Tyler and I am from Ohio, but live in Florida now...Also an artist and love your blog! Hope to see new updates soon!


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