Saturday, July 11, 2009

Industrial Espionage

I love looking at cakes. I just can't help myself. There is a terrific cake display at one of our local grocery stores and I decided to photograph it. (But blue roses...honestly, yuck!)

They had a fun set of Canada Day cupcakes covered with maple leaf shaped candy confetti. When asked, the confetti was unavailable for sale; I guess they want you to buy the cupcakes.

Many places don't like you shooting their cakes, thinking that you're working for the "other guy" and taking away trade secrets. (I generally ask permission at most bakeries, by the way, but that particluar day it just seemed too complicated. And I didn't want the gal to have to call the manager and all that...)

So there I was with my mini-camera, crouching down and shooting these when the lady behind the counter says, "Can I help you?"

Richard took off to the bread aisle, fearing the lights dimming and a spotlight shining on me, the culprit.

Instead I stood up and said I was just looking. She turned away and I continued on my important mission.

To show my blog readers as many cakes as possible. Wherever and whenever. Cake spy...that's me.
And hey, these cakes look pretty darn good, don't they?


Billy Banana said...

You are soooooo busted!

Why Oxbow? said...

These are nothing compared to the most beautiful cake I've ever seen--the one you made for our wedding! I wish I could post a picture... but blogger won't let me.

Little Acorns & Mighty Oaks said...

Pssst! I'll take mousse cake. Love your undercover exploits. Keep up the delicious work.

Knatolee said...

Those look great! Is that in Hawkesbury?

Vicki said...

Lovely lovely cakes!! I am currently reading a wonderful book "Eat Cake" authored by Jeanne Ray. I think you'd like it.It's charming, and inspires me to bake!


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