Monday, April 6, 2009

New Art Installation

Here's a new "art" installation in front of my barn. Cutting edge, don't you think? A series of plastic, grocery bags tied together, waving and flapping in the wind. Recycled art that is organic as it relies on weather for its movement. Am I ready for the National Gallery in Ottawa?

The second part of my installation is this slowly-spinning owl. It is a decoy, purchased from the local hardware store and is hung by a short piece of fishing line. My installation is to deter a couple of pigeons who decided my barn was the place to raise their young...but I decided it wasn't!


Knatolee said...

Um, I like your installation better than a WHOLE LOTTA STUFF I've seen in the modern art section at the NGC!!

And the slowly-spinning owl would be a mesmerizing addition to the NGC... much better than the infamous meat dress, or "Voice of Fire." (Apologies to those enamoured of the meat dress, and "Voice of Fire.")

Elisabeth said...

You have arrived! Love your installation. The NGC should give you a cheque right away.

I especially love your comment on our disposable society using the Walmart bag....a true...artiste!

justjen said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Dahling!

A bird in the hand said...

Nice installation! You should see I think she may have some competition!!

Ronna said...

Thanks, I checked out her site. You're right! I'm not quite at her level but maybe can work my way up!


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