Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Eats Florida 2

I had some amazing food in Florida. We went to the Wild East Asian Bistro in Ft. Lauderdale and started with edamame.

We then dug into some hot squid. Not rubbery and really yummy.

And we had some stuffed pork and veggie triangle thingees. We also had a black bean chicken dish and everything was really delicious.

We hit West Palm Beach and went to Brewzzi's, a micro-brewery that serves amazing burgers. I had what they call the "Bacon Bleu Burger." I washed that down with one of their own brews, a Boca Blonde.

One day we decided to have breakfast at Gabriel's in Wellington. I had the asparagus and bacon frittata with a side of grits. I was in the south, ya'll, so it seemed appropriate.

But we also did some healthy eating. At Pete's Place in West Palm Beach, I had a chicken salad which came with all sorts of yummy fruity things.

At Strathmore's Bagels and Deli, they start you with pickles, sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes and roasted red pepper before you order.

And you see, I ate healthy food again. After grits and eggs and bacon I figured I'd better be least until the next time I ordered.


Marcia said...

OK... now I am STARVING!!!

Addison Dewitt said...

Me too. Pass the edamame.

Why Oxbow? said...

Hey, the grits look like health food--mostly they are supposed to have cheese melted all through and over them. And my grandmother from Texas would have covered every one of those dishes with ribbon-cane syrup...


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