Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Kinda Town

I just love Chicago! It has a fantastic mix of the old and the new. Here's the old Wrigley Building set beside the new Trump Tower.

On our last day there, my sister Marcia and I spent the morning shopping the Miracle Mile.

I said goodbye to Chicago and as the plate hit 35,000 ft., it looked like I was in the Arctic.

But as we descended, it started to look more and more like home.

Before I could actually get home, Richard picked me up and whisked me off to see Robin Williams perform live at Scotiabank Place. We laughed the second he got on stage. Great performance, natch.


justjen said...

Welcome back!! I look forward to hearing all the details! What a great finish too! Robin Williams. Wow!

Cuddles said...

You're regular jetsetter, Francine!

Newsman said...

It is The City of the Big Shoulders. So, did you get a photo for your collection of big things?

Absolutely loved the photos!

And the Hawks beat Dallas tonite!
(Notice the Amerricun spellling of tonight.)


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