Thursday, November 13, 2008

Artful Hay Bales

On my way to Hawkesbury yesterday to meet Richard for lunch, I spied these huge creations made out of hay bales. I guess they were Hallowe'en decorations for the Legault Greenhouses in front of which they sit.

Here's Batman. Hard to believe he's made out of big round hay bales, each weighing 500 pounds or more.

Superman is looking pretty tough too.

Looks like a woodland creature might have been digging in Superman's nether regions trying to find a winter home?


addison Dewitt said...

What the...?

Marcia said...

Gives me an idea of what to do with my shredded wheat in the morning!

Joyce said...

I love these figures! What a neat idea.

Nancy said...

This has art card series written all over it.


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