Monday, July 28, 2008

Virtual Vacation: Picnic

A great thing to do with all the leftovers from our ATC lunch from the previous day? Doesn't peppered goat's cheese, wilted tomato salad, bean salad and devilled eggs just scream "picnic"?

I used my picnic blanket, always rolled up and waiting, and put it in a shady spot under the trees.

The old maple sap bucket held ice cubes, glasses and a cold bottle of lime-flavoured Perrier.

Perfect lunch. Perfect day.

The trouble with going on a "Virtual Vacation" with friends who live in the city, is that they seem to have more to do. If you want to see more virtual vacation, click on John's blog.


griffiskc said...

Hey, Florida Gators t-shirt! Near my hometown. Do you know other Gators?

Ronna said...

Don't know dem Gators too the shirt from a friend I was cat sitting for...Love the shirt tho. Can't miss me in a crowd. Go Gators!

Why Oxbow? said...

Sure, you have a lovely picnic and we walk along the slough listening to race cars and watching the methane flare at the sewage treatment plant...

Pass the deviled eggs!

kate said...

A picnic...and a gourmet picnic to boot! Looks yummy!

Luizze Oliveira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luizze Oliveira said...

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