Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ronna Does Dishes, Again

Summer is a very inspiring time, here at "Ronna Does Dishes." Flowers are popping up everywhere. Here's an 8" bowl perfect for a serving of cereal or soup...or as a small side dish at dinner.

Very sweet flower-covered cow creamers ready for your next tea party.

A ruffled plate with multi-coloured coneflowers would be nice for serving little cookies or sweet treats.

These large (11") flower encircled bowls with polka dot sides, would be perfect for a big salad or pasta.

My favourite piece of all...my calico plate. But really, it's a portrait of my cat Nutmeg. Not sure I can ever part with this one...


justjen said...

The Calico plate blew me away! Wonderful. You so need a shoppe!

kate said...

My favourites...the calico cat and the coneflowers!


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