Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring is Busting Out

My daffodils have taken over the ditch in front of my house. What started out as my mom's dozen daffs, many (many) years ago, has multiplied into hundreds of blooms.

Two male Rose-breasted grosbeaks waiting for the upside-down-hanging squirrel in my bird feeder to finish his breakfast so they can have their turn.

I told my black and white cat Oreo that all she'd need was a pink bandana around her neck and then she could be twins with this Grosbeak. Yeah, right...


Jenny said...

Those are wonderful pics of the grosbeaks.I love the rose-breasted grosbeaks and look forward to seeing them each spring. Haven't seen one yet this year but I saw an Oriole this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, we saw a dead rose-breasted grosbeak that had hit the window on the subway platform that crosses the Humber River. So sad. I had never seen one alive or dead before and I was gobsmacked at how beautiful its colouring was.



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