Monday, May 26, 2008

Julien Chung's Fantastic Artwork

I am really thrilled to have reconnected with my old buddy Julien Chung. Julien and I went to Concordia University together in Montreal where we studied graphic design. Julien has gone on to be a talented art director and has launched a business specializing in animal themed art for graphic, product and various design applications. You've gotta see his stuff. It's fantastic! Click here to see what Julien's been up to lately!

Julien also has a cool blog called "View from the Zoo: A look at the animal world through contemporary design, illustration and craft." I'm tickled pink that he's featured some of my kitty cat drawings and ATCs on it. Check it out: View From the Zoo

1 comment:

kaleesi said...

Congrats Ronna :)
Always nice to see someone like your stuff!!!


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