Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day #1

Every year I make Richard a special valentine using a photo taken the previous year. In last year's valentine, I used the technique Jen Worden mentions on her blog's current challenge, using gesso to white out a photo. In this case, I lightly removed our rain jackets, so I could add sailor suits. I also added sailor hats. The saying "We are so lucky!" came from the gal who was leading our whale watching tour. That day, we saw 6 different species of whales. Lucky indeed.


Dusty said...

Love it!

The woman who was leading our whale watching tour said, "So cute! So fat!" which has become one of our catch phrases.

I hope Mr. Dusty doesn't put it on a valentine.

Anonymous said...

Merci pour le souveien

Catherine Dubez


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