Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great Weekend

What could be better than a weekend of hot days and cool evenings. A perfect breakfast with impossibly fresh eggs. Attending an annual yard sale that sees an entire town participating and showing its wares (I got an April Cornell tablecloth for $1.50 and a 1964 Agriculture Canada booklet called "Meat" for 25 cents. Richard got a portable phone (that works!) for $10.) A wonderful barbecue with neighbours where we sat outside, sipping red wine and talking till the wee hours of the morning, with citronella candles burning all around us. Chopping wood in the noon day sun and stacking it in the cool barn. Weeding and watering a thriving garden. Sitting on the swing in the shade with Richard, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle and feeding a myriad of chipmunks who have discovered that I always seem to carry peanuts with me.
Summer is wonderful.


Susan Williamson said...

I just love your food photos. They make me want to eat/take pictures of of my own food (although yours looks tastier) and then play around with the results in Photoshop.

Nancy Flynn said...

Love those eggs. Nothing much could be better -- sounds like Oregon weather.

Why Oxbow? said...

No fair photoshopping food! You guys are having too much fun...
Great picture Ronna--pass the Tabasco


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