Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Reviews are in...Frida Kahlo is a hit!

The reviews are in! The spring 2007 issue of ATC Quarterly went out last week. Canadian subscribers got their issue on Friday and Americans got theirs on Monday. From the response received so far, it seems to be a hit!

The challenge for spring (to be printed in the centre spread) was "Homage to Frida Kahlo." We got so many ATCs honouring Frida that we couldn't print them all in the zine. We posted many more on our website page: http://www.atcquarterly.com/inside_pages.html

Thanks so much to Karen Leigh for painting the gorgeous ATC portrait of Frida that graces our cover.


mstrauss said...

Ok, so one of the cards was mine! But seeing them all in the same space was really awe-inspiring. Great idea for a collaborative theme... and everyone did lovely work. I can hardly wait for the next one.

cairnlae said...

Hey it's me...Karen.I just got a pm from Dina and she said she you lost my email address.It is: cairnlae@hotmail.com

It was so nice seeing all the other artwork by artists I admire posted on the website.Can't wait to see the mag..BTW, I never asked,do I get a free copy of the one I'm in since I made the cover?I just want to know in case I need to order an extra copy for my mom(proud parent)or not..


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