Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pass the Peas, Terry

When I was living in Toronto some years back, my friend Wendy and I had a small but successful cake business. Many of the cakes we baked were for the film and television industry. We made prop cakes, cakes that blew up, cakes in the shapes of ninjas and police badges, and hundreds of cakes covered with icing flowers. Our most famous cake creations were for Mike Jagger's son and Lauren Hutton!

The other day, my friend Kathy Gillespie asked me to make a cake for her husband Terry's 60th birthday. Tonight he is performing with his band The Granary Blues Band upstairs at The Priest's Mill in Alexandria and she wants to present the cake to him there. But what kind of cake to make?

At first I thought I'd do an electric guitar but I figured that was too cliche. My boyfriend Richard and I were talking about it and he mentioned that my favourite tune of Terry's was "Pass the Peas." And that's when it hit me. Make a crazy cake for Terry based on a classic Granary Blues Band favourite. I sure hope he sings it tonight!


mstrauss said...

Great cake, Ronn! Much better than an electric guitar... more imaginative and really looks persuasive. Wish I could do that!

justjen said...

You're a genius! I love it!

Kathy Gillespie said...

Ronna, the cake rocked. I will post some pictures on Terry's web site as soon as they are sent to me. He did sing "Pass the Peas" and the house fell down. There were people from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and NYC, not to mention our local friends and fans who all shared the cake and the comments were consistent, WOW! Man, not only was the cake unique but the flavour was gooood! How did you know that Terry loved chocolate cakes? Thanks a million.


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