Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hail Caesar!

 I made this cake for Richard's birthday. Yes it's a cake!
I saw a salad cake on the Internet and just knew I had to make Richard one because he just loves Caesar salad.

 And he did love it! Kinda strange to put birthday candles in a salad? Naaah.

But once I served it up, it was pretty obvious it was a carrot cake disguised as a Caesar salad.

And this is what it looked like after a few days...two slices left for our lunches tomorrow.

Surprise over, all we're left with is yummy carrot cake and lemony buttercream.
Happy birthday to Richard!


Cat Lover said...

Hi Ronna, when I first saw the cake on Facebook I thought "interesting, Richard must really like salad!" not realizing it was a cake! Fabulous job Ronna!

Evlyn said...

This is an amazing trompe l'oeil cake. What fun!


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