Friday, June 17, 2016

New York State of Mind, Part 3

We headed down to the West Village to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Here's me and my sis outside the shop.

For my birthday dinner, we headed to Eataly! OMG, what an amazing spot.

You can choose from a million fresh or dry pasta for take out.

 Besides pasta, there is a huge selection of everything you can imagine, mostly all originating from Italy.

There are restaurants scattered amongst the groceries, if you can believe it. We chose the pasta/pizza one. I had this amazing dish: ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta topped with lemon and pistachios. Yum-o!

And a last look at my favourite building in NYC. The Flat Iron. We rested in a park just north of it and I got to gaze at it for a while. Ahhh. I love NY!


Kim Ross said...

How exciting! Eataly is on my bucket list, and I've been wanting to go since before it opened. I'm a big Mario Batali fan. He's been talking about it forever. Thanks for the photos!

Cat Lover said...

Great photos Ronna! We have a book found in our local thrift sore titled "Greater New York Illustrated" from 1903.I found the Flat Iron building in it. It is called 'Fuller Building" in this book. Some of the other buildings around it are still there too.


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