Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Company of Crows

My friend Karen Molson hosted a book launch last weekend for her new novel The Company of Crows.

I was happy to get an autographed copy!

The party included amazing hors d'oeuvres...

...And cookies too! Karen asked me to make 100 crow cookies for the occasion.

 Under the watchful eye of these two crows, each cookie had been individually bagged and given to visitors as they left the event. Great day.


Linda Starr said...

what a wonderful even, love the crow cookies and what are the appetizers placed on, they look like palm leaves and what is the white? I love crows may have to get this book.

Kea said...

Hi Ronna, thanks for stopping by my Musings blog.

What a fabulous event! I LOVE those crow cookies! They look too fantastic to eat, frankly.

All the best.


Jenny said...

Great way to launch a book. Hope she sells lots of books. Somehow you managed to find a crow cookie-cutter. Could be the plot of a "how did she dun it".

Victoria May said...

Fabulous!!! Want to read!


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