Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Looky here! A fisher in the woods. So happy my cats are indoor cats. Oh dear. The poor bunnies!


Evlyn said...

It looks cute in this photo, but we know they are not cute when they find cats and other small creatures. When my last cat went missing, I suspected that a fisher got it because one had been sighted in the woods nearby. Your camera gives you such an interesting view of the reality of wildlife in your woods. Cool!

Cat Lover said...

Scary stuff!

Karen said...

My grandson and son in law were out snowshoeing today. They were out following the trail of the fisher in our back 40!

Jenny said...

That is an animal I hope I never see in my back yard. We've been hearing coyotes at night again, but haven't seen any. Still lots of wild critters around.


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