Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas cookies

 I love baking...mostly cakes but sometimes I make cookies too. 
These are from my sister's famous whipped shortbread cookie recipe. Light and airy and buttery.

 I love to decorate cookies and give them as gifts at work. One year I made snowflake gingerbreads.

Last year I made polar bear gingerbread cookies with red and green scarves. This year? Just wait!


Linda Starr said...

especially love the blue stars because the blue is such an unusual color for cookies.

zAzA said...

I tried whipped shortbread this year and yes they are awesome. Looking forward to seeing what your seasonal cookie is for this year.

Cat Lover said...

Your cookies are gorgeous! I am a cookie girl myself although I did make a cake recently for Chuck's birthday. Can't compare to your beautiful creations!


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