Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1001 Pots

 I'd heard of 1001 Pots for years, but never found the time to go.
But this year we went and am delighted we did!

Pottery can take on many forms including these sweet ornaments.

 Where do you start?

 I just loved this teapot and matching tea cups.

 These covered butter dishes and other cool things caught my eye.

 The big picture. Rain or shine this place is open for five weeks in mid-July to mid-August.

 Love how they group different artists together by theme. Cafe au lait bowls!

 Richard liked 'em too!

 More glorious pots.

Love this display of various artists' mugs. How can you choose just one?

And after all that shopping, they even have a sweet cafe tucked onto the side of an indoor gallery.
Need more info? Here's their link: 1001 Pots
It's well worth the drive to Val David, QC. The town itself is adorable, with shopping, trails and cafes. 
It was a great day trip and I intend to revisit it next year.


Evlyn said...

What a wonderful place! I could see how one could wander for hours through the displays of pots. And of course, it would be hard to go there and not buy a couple of pots (or whatever). Great pics of the pots!

Cat Lover said...

What a great show! It would take hours to look at everything. Did you buy anything?


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