Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I love vintage tablecloths!

 I've always loved the graphics of tablecloths from the '50s and '60s.

 This souvenir of Florida tablecloth is especially neat since it has a printing error and the registration is off, making it look like you should be eating with 3-D glasses!

 Fabulous fifties fruit...

 ...and more fabulous fifties fruity goodness.

 This one is printed on linen and is pretty elegant.

 Mexicans in sombreros on burros and senoritas dancing is a popular theme...

 More Mexicans in sombreros..this time napping and lots of cacti.

 Not Mexicans but Germans: boys in leiderhosen and girls in dirndl skirts.

 Gerbera daisies sure are pretty.

 Scottish thistles are a nice theme.

 Strawberries looking very funky.

 Herbs, veggies and kitchen thingies in classic '60s turquoise.

I particularly love this cloth, with the flowers looking Art Nouveau-ish.
As a graphic designer, I  can't help but love the designs of these cloths!

My shop on Etsy has more if you wanna see 'em. Click here! And now I'll stop with the blatant self promotion!


Cat Lover said...

Great tablecloths! I love vintage ones too. I have a barbecue one with condiments and forks and knives on it. I remember our family using it on picnics.

Deb said...

You have quite the collection. Love the gerbera one and the last one. Beauties.

Evlyn said...

They are all wonderful, but the Florida one is particularly fantastic. Makes me think of my childhood.

Jade Graham said...

great to make some changes and add versatility to the dining table. Tablecloth in the morning sun makes a simple breakfast a royal treat, view here


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