Thursday, June 25, 2015

Polyphemus moth

 I saw this moth this afternoon on the ground right near my house. At first I thought it was a cecropia moth.

Later, I realized that cecropias don't have those blue and yellow eyes, which revealed themselves when I placed my finger under the moth so he could walk on my hand.

I was very gentle with him, this lovely creature. He flew away not long after I took this shot. Later I read he was a polyphemus moth and like the luna moth, only lives for a week after mating and laying eggs. Kind of sad. Such beauty and so fleeting.


Linda Starr said...

oh great photos, first time I saw one of these in Arkansas it frightened me since I just saw the eyes looking up at me from the ground.

Cat Lover said...

What beautiful photos.I remember the first time I saw one of these, I did not know what it was!

Evlyn said...

How fortunate you are, to see such a beautiful creature. I saw a Luna Moth once and was in awe. This moth is just as amazing. Great pictures!


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