Sunday, February 1, 2015

Trees and Spaceman cakes

 I was asked to do a cake for an environmental scientist. His partner asked for an evergreen tree and a little light bulb went off when I realized that the logo for his environmental services company was in fact a tree! I blew it up, cut it out of fondant and placed it on a background inspired by the late great Canadian artist Ted Harrison.

My friend Dave loves toy robots so when his wife asked me to make a cake for a gathering to celebrate his 60th birthday I decided that no ordinary robot would do. I thought back to a story Dave told me about his best-ever yard sale find. He poked around at a table and came across a Fighting Space Man toy, still in its original box. Cost? The same as it went for 40 years before. $2 (I think). At any rate, he took it home, plugged batteries into the space man and it worked!
I loved the story and decided to make him his very own Fighting Space Man cake with him as the spaceman. The box was chocolate cake with an edible label. Dave, the robot, was mostly made of fondant and M&Ms.

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Jenny said...

Your cakes are just amazing. Such variety. The Harrison inspired cake is great.


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