Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jack, Jack and more Jack!

 This sweet old boy's name is Jack and he visits me for about three weeks every winter when his parents go to Florida. He lives in Montreal but loves the country!

He's a big cuddle bug...and is pretty happy in his warm room with two beds and all amenities including a night snack and brushing.

I have a definite affinity to this boy...he showed up here years ago as a hungry kitten.

He was so cute and so tiny!

Happily, friends in Montreal adopted him and I'm lucky enough to get to see him on his yearly visits to the country.


Deb said...

There's nothing better than keeping in touch with cats that you have found a home for.It's great that you get to spend time with this big mush-ball. He's adorable.

Knatolee said...

He is so cute, and it's so nice you get to see him regularly!


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