Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sweet kitties

 I have four lovely kitty cats and they love to sit with me when I watch TV. Nutmeg, the white calico whose face is obscured is now 15 years old and is moving a lot slower. Cookie, the other calico and her sister Oreo, on my legs are 13 and are still pretty active.

Somewhat new in the mix is Matzo Man who I found in my barn two summers ago. This will be his second winter inside. I think he's about three years old. He loves his time inside and never tries to go out. But he doesn't cuddle and in fact, I often find him curled up on the other side of the house, nowhere near the other cats or me. He's kind of like a roommate that I only see from time-to-time. It's fine with me. He's a perfect gentleman, never too demanding and very sweet. He definitely has his own personality...he's very fond of Cookie but keeps his distance from the other guys. Kinda funny how they all sort it out their way!


Deb said...

I love that photo of you all snuggled up. It's nice to see them together. Does Cookie like Matzo Man, Ronna? I hope it's not like it is here where all my females hate Joe with a passion. They won't let him near them. Thank goodness he has his Rae-Rae who adores him. I just laugh at the way they carry out their lives, too.

Knatolee said...

You have the cutest cats!!

Evlyn said...

Since I can't have a cat of my own at present, I always enjoy pictures of you and your cats. You look so happy, all of you. It is sort of like a vicarious experience for me.


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