Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cliff swallows

 These cliff swallows live under the bridge between Hawkesbury, ON and Grenville, QC.

They make nests that look like mud jugs and lay their eggs and raise their young in them. Hard to believe those nests are hanging from the underside of a very noisy bridge.


Deb said...

How bizarre. I've never come across a nest like that.

Jenny said...

Birds can be so adaptable. I often go over that bridge on my way to Morin Heights and sometimes see the birds, too. Great pictures of the nests.

Anonymous said...

In California we had swallows' nests like these under the eaves of our two-story house out in the country. There were at least 60 of them! When we had our house up for sale a potential buyer, a lady from Poland, told us "Don't knock them down! In Poland they're good luck."


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