Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Still Hanging On

 Okay, it's starting to look like spring, sort of. The trees are thinking spring and breaking out in bud.

 Richard attempted to cross the Mighty Mogelon but actually fell in
when that ledge he's standing on gave way.

 After a change of clothing, we headed back out in 0C degrees and very sunny skies. Toward the back of the property, we came across a feeding frenzy under the apple tree and tons of bunny prints.

 You can see where we were is a little dip of land. Just behind Richard the property dips back up. Bunnies seem to like it the dip.

 We also cam across a very healthy butternut tree with no black ooze so hopefully disease free. This one was large enough that I couldn't get my arms around it in a full bear hug.

 On our way back through the small wooded area that Dad planted in 1978. The pines and spruce are huge here and with no undergrowth, very easy to walk amongst.



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