Friday, July 19, 2013

NOT an emerald ash borer

There is much talk about the emerald ash borer and how it is destroying the ash trees across the land. I keep looking for them because I have a wonderful old ash at the front of the house. When I spied this creature, who looks more green in real life, I was really concerned. Turns out it's a harmless six spotted tiger beetle. Beautiful looking bug that isn't going to eat my ash trees. Phew!


Claire said...

Big sigh of relief Ronna.....such a shame when insects start destroying great swathes of trees.
They take so long to grow .....

Claire )

Scottie Ash Tree Seed said...

Ronna, look for adult EAB emerging and mating during July days hanging out on lower trunks. They will look like size & shape of lighting bugs and dark black camouflage from above until neon green is seen in brighter light. Their bottoms are even lighter tin foil Green.

Unfortunately glutinous borers are causing this "Keystone" species of our Elm-Ash-Cottonwood ecosystem to become extinct right before our very eyes along with 44 native Arthropods that rely on ash for life. Fortunately it is very easy to safely save trees from EAB with trunk injected Tree-age needed every three yrs. until danger inevitably passes from borers "Infestation" populations.

If u or anyone would like more info, just e-mail me, Scottie Ash seed at PS: Scientists can only watch adverse health & ecology affects unfold as #1 tree species producing most green seen from space is lost within six quick years. You can help by planting new trees or waiting to cut down old ones until system recovers. Ciao, Scott


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