Monday, April 15, 2013


I've been feeding this red tabby barn cat all winter. He's extemely shy and most of the time all I saw was footprints...and an empty food bowl.

Yesterday was the first time he meowed back to me when I called out to him. He's still really shy but I can still talk to him from my back door and he'll keep eating. Once I move a little closer, however, he's gone!


Deb said...

Meowing back at you is a good sign he is not feral. I expect he is an abandoned or lost cat and has been on his own a long time. Feral cats stay very quiet and never communicate with people. You'll bring him around with time, I'm thinking. Good luck!

Jenny said...

No wonder he is talking to you! You have been feeding him all kinds of wonderful food. I'm sure you'll be patting him in no time. He has a very cute, surprised expression on his face -" I can't believe I've found this fabulous restaurant".

Linda Starr said...

He looks well fed, it's a cat kind of day today.


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