Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strange Day at the Bird Feeder

 We had a few warm weeks and last night a cold front came in with light snow. I guess the birds kind of panicked and I can't blame them. I hard a big ruckus outside the window and a pair of crows were at my suet, pecking away at it.

Later in the afternoon, I looked out and the first starling of the season was digging into some seed left on the ground. Beautiful markings and colouration on the birdie. I know no one likes them because they are invaders but they look pretty nice.


Evlyn said...

In the early spring, it is nice to see any birds. I agree about the Starlings. They are not liked but they really are pretty when you look closely at them. Great pictures of the birds at your feeder.

Knatolee said...

Oh! Oh! I like starlings! I like them!! Crows too! And grackles!


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