Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Calico Corners

My latest barn cat is a calico. Isn't she sweet? She's terribly shy but knows me and meows when I call her.

This sweet calico showed up last spring and was really shy. I couldn't get near her and took this photo through the window, very carefully! I didn't see much of her.

This calico visitor hung out at my bird feeder all last summer and fall.
I wonder if she ended up at a neighbour's barn?

I'm wondering if this gorgeous calico is the same one as the above photo?
I think this gal has more red on her nose and a different white stripe blaze?

 She hung around quite a bit but also disappeared.
I see snow in the photo so I guess I fed her last winter...

Seven years ago or so, this pair of cuties, later called Jack and Jill, showed up and were adopted by a friend in Montreal. Jill is a very dark calico with very little white.

 And these are my two lovely calicos, Nutmeg and Cookie. Both showed up here about two years apart, 13 and 11 years ago. And this is why my house has been dubbed Calico Corners!


Knatolee said...

What beauties!

Vicki said...

Lovely lovely Kitties
Want a Calico Corner Sign?
Jon can make you one!

Deb said...

This is quite amazing. There must be an awful lot of calicos in the area. I suppose it all starts with a few barn cats and then the calicos just keep having more calicos. Well, they are all lovely and it was wonderful that you cared for them when you could. Bravo!


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