Thursday, September 6, 2012

Faux Food Cake!

 Yup, that's a cake. A birthday cake in fact, for a fellow who loves salami sandwiches.

On further inspection, the salami, mustard, lettuce and mayo look like the real thing. In fact, the bread looks like bread and the French fries look like real fries.

But, alas, it's all a trompe d'oeuil and while it may look savoury, everything on that tray is cake and icing and made with sugar...and love!


Knatolee said...

Even more amazing in person (you AND the cake!)

Deb said...

You knock my socks off, girl. It's like you have magic hands or something. Wow!

Jenny said...

Your savory cakes are so much fun! And so well done.


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