Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring's A-Comin'

The snow shovels have been put away for another year.

The crocuses are popping up in the lawn.

The yellow ones appeared a few days ago...

...and now the purple ones are up, these ones even had a busy bee amongst its petals.

My Oregon lupins are poking up too and in a few weeks will be waist high.

Even my oregano is anxious to see the light of day.

These crazy bulb onions come up and year-by-year are spreading across the lawn.

I saw my little phoebe for the first time this year. She's back to her old nest and has touched it up with fresh mud and lichen.

And its rhubarb crisp time too. I made this yesterday afternoon with frozen rhubarb from last year, making room for this year's crop.


Deb said...

All is music to my ears. Your crisp looks yummy..we had apple crisp last night.
Pop over Ronna and then pop over to meet Jayme. She has put together some magic in a bottle from her own backyard and will tell you all about it. I think you will love this lady. Have a great day Ronna.

Knatolee said...

I can't believe how much things have progressed in the week I was away. Things are growing i my garden!

Evlyn said...

It definitely was a great weekend for seeing things come up in the garden. Your crocuses are amazing - much farther along than mine. Ain't spring grand?

Sam Smith said...

I love this warmer weather, my bees are finding lots of pollen somewhere, sure sign something is blooming in quantity. I love rhubarb crisp :)

Jack D'Mestiere said...

What would Addison say..."You country people..."


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