Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food and/or Art

I love photographing food. Mostly, I think art and food are almost interchangable. (Except it's hard to eat a painting.) But just look at the simplicity of these blood orange on the blue polka dot bowl. Art, right?

This arranged Insalata Caprese that I made years ago from my own basil and tomato crop, with creamy bocconcini cheese, is a little contrived art-wise but it tasted great.

Colour-wise the green in this plateful of food, made at the National Art Gallery of Canada in Ottawa's café, wins for boldness. I think it was a spread of a green pea mixture.

Okay, so this is art, right? Drawing a design right into the raspberry coulis.

The placement of this Italian ice cream with fruit coulis drizzles is set up to please the eye. Good, clean lines.

I just love the echo of the shape of the grilled sandwich and the oval soup bowl. Might be a tad symmetrical as art though.

Simplicity. A Pan-Asian meal in an unusually-shaped bowl featuring all sorts of textures and tastes in similar, beige colours.

Was Miro the sous chef that day?

Sushi is art. Plain and simple. No doubt about it.

Now this was just plain odd. I had it in Tadoussac, Québec a few years back. A savoury waffle stuffed with tuna. Definitely a stab at Surrealism, eh?


Marcia said...

Surrealism, shmurrealism... I'm hungry!!!

Addison Dewitt said...

I could go for some art right 'bout now...

Why Oxbow? said...

I wish I could post a picture--you're missing poutine!

Knatolee said...

Food elevated to art! Beautiful. And now I am craving sushi.

Hey, Gordon and I got engaged in Tadoussac. But I never tried a tuna waffle (can't say I'm disappointed!)

Susan Williamson said...

The blood orange cut up and displayed in the blue polka dot bowl is pure genius.


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