Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Adventures of Naked Chicken V

Looking back, Naked Chicken had many adventures. Like the time she tried to have a snooze on the collection of coloured pencils. Ouch.

This seemed a better place to grab a cat nap.

But napping amongst a pride of cats seemed perilous at times.

Dogs were friendly enough but Naked Chicken had to remind herself that dogs really, really liked chicken...for supper mostly.

She met many relatives, sometimes they seemed a bit wooden.

And other times, they seemed a bit too animated.

And so Naked Chicken waves a fond farewell and thanks everyone for all her marvellous adventures in Eastern Ontario. Until next time...


sharon said...

I'm so sad that Naked Chicken has moved on. She is one adventurous chick and a real looker to boot. Hopefully she'll return in the spring to admire all the tree blossoms.

justjen said...

Thanks for sharing the Naked Chicken's adventures. I felt like I was there with her all the way. Way to go, Naked Chicken. Will there be a book soon? "Adventures of the Naked Chicken"

Why Oxbow? said...

You know, it looks like Naked Chicken has long underwear on. Now, I wouldn't blame him for that as he was in eastern Ontario, which can be cold this time of year. The least you could have done was to get the lad a lug-eared cap!

Jenny said...

We'll miss you Naked Chicken. Hope to see you again.

Ronna said...

Actually, oddly enough, it does look like he's wearing long underwear! I miss Naked Chicken. I think I'll have to ask Wendy to send him back!

Susan Williamson said...

I'm wondering if Naked Chicken was goosed while resting on the mugs filled with colored pencils. (See top picture)

frannie said...

Will Naked be coming back? If so I'll knit her a scarf.

Shelly said...

I will miss Naked Chicken. I hope she has a safe journey.


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