Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend in the Woods

Richard and I spent the better part of the weekend pulling in wood he cut last weekend. It was pretty cold (-20C) but it wasn't too bad if you kept moving. The wood we are gathering now will heat us next winter. Folks around here say that wood actually heats you five ways: cutting, splitting, gathering, stacking, and burning.


Addison Dewitt said...

How horribly primitive!

Stephanie said...

-20????? I can't even start to imagine how cold that is! Its 5c here in the UK and that feels too chilly for me!

Jen said...

I SO do not regret moving from a woodstove to a gravity-fed oil stove. I like being warmed but once. ;) We're in the deep freeze too. *sigh*

cat said...

I grew up in Northern New Mexico, and I use to go with my father up into the mountains to get firewood and we never had weather anywhere as cold as what you endure.
You must really know the value of firewood!!


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