Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oregon Diary Day 2

Nancy and I went to "Collage," a fantastic store in Portland (Jennifer, you would've gone nuts!). It was by far, the BEST shop I've been in for collage stuff...not just a scrapbooking store but everything you need for collage: antique postcards and labels, the full Claudine Helmuth Poppet line, metal charms, rubber stamps that were really odd and on and on.
Then we headed over to Caprial's, a fantastic restaurant run by the gal who has the Food Network show of the same name. We shared an appetizer of hush puppies and I had Salad Nicoise. Yum!
A few miles down the road was the Columbia clothing outlet. Richard got a few shirts for $3 and $4 each. I picked up a few tops too.
We had a quick visit with Angela at RubberStampMadness. It was great to meet her at last.
Tomorrow we're off to the Oregon Caves and California.

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justjen said...

Okay, Ronna. I hope you got some neat pictures to show me when you get back. Sounds divine!!! Say hi to Nancy for me.


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